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Did anyone actually read Gormenghast?

I mean, it’s so long and it’s not even finished? At times I feel I should give it another go, but for the moment, I’ll just let it rest in my book shelf.

I do like the idea of it, though. A castle so big it becomes the world to its inhabitants. Old, stale, timeless. Characters that are bizarre or grotesque. Perhaps I should see the TV-series. Here‘s the first part.

  1. Thomas Shea
    May 13, 2011 at 01:37

    I read TITUS GROAN and GORMENGHAST in the early 1980’s because I had heard Sting had bought the rights to make films and wanted to play Steerpike himself. As much as I am enjoying the BBC’s mini-series, it just can’t capture the depth and breadth of the novels, which are 2 of my favorites of all time, and I consider them to be deserving of much greater attention and acclaim. Well worth your time. The three novels form a complete trilogy even if the incredibly talented Mr. Peake never lived to flesh his world out more. So the answer is, yes someone read them, and I love them. It can be difficult to get into them; but by page 50 of TITUS GROAN, I was completely hooked. Pick up your copy, blow off the dust and enjoy!

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